Tips to help you write better blog posts

How to write better blog posts

Do not try to write blog posts quicker just to publish content more often. Work on how to write better posts and articles. Ones which offer true value to your audience. Focus on producing great content—quality over quantity.  Quantity will take care of itself if you stick to your plan and produce content regularly. Fast …

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Tips to improve existing articles to rank better in search engines

How to rank existing articles in search engines

Your main objective must be to serve your readers with valuable information. But to reach potential new visitors, you need search engines. And the best way to get new visitors from search engines is to help them understand your topical expertise. Do not think about “gaming” the search engines. Instead, make it easy for them …

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Dare to be unique and stand out when creating new content

11 tips to make your content unique

You should work hard to make your content unique. And when you succeed – you will be rewarded. But being unique does not mean that no one else has ever uttered the words you are about to write. Unique means that you are presenting a unique and valuable perspective.  Here are 11 easy-to-adopt techniques and …

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