We help brands develop and execute a winning content strategy, build topic clusters and update poorly written content to rank in search engines.

Data-driven content marketing shows you where to compete and how to succeed. Work smarter, not just harder.

– Matt @Oritello

How we started

We are a team and always have been. Each has a different skill set, and together we produce page content with long-term viability about topics you want to rank for.

Our professional backgrounds are similar but different.

As an intern for an advertising agency in the U.K., Sarah became fascinated with creating stories around products. Later, working for a national newspaper, she began developing her copywriting skills by creating short, attention-grabbing headlines, captions, and taglines.

After university, marketing roles led to positions in Australia, the USA, and Sweden, working with ESL language schools and eventually many years in the ever-changing travel industry. Sarah’s career path has led her back to doing what she finds the most rewarding—creating copy and using words to uncover a story.

Matt has worked with content creation and online sales for most of his career, starting with a role in Business Development, managing agent networks in Europe and Asia. Fast forward to the Dot-com era, and his career took him from payment processing services to running online travel agencies in six European countries.

This was when he first fully understood the power of the Internet and how now the little guy has a real shot at competing.

Today, Matt spends his time looking for areas where our customers can compete. It is not enough to work hard; you need to work smart.

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